Ariadne Device

The ‘Ariadne’ Device

In todays modern society it is all too common to witness the modern cattle movements of a city populace. The movements of the everyday shuffle as people progress to work, following like a synchronised farmyard procession. Most of the group only content to look downwards towards their mobile devices. Following regimented street patterns the City inhabitants rely on their navigational devices to direct them from ‘A’ to ‘B’ in a direct, conforming and uninteresting way.

The ‘Ariadne’ device begins to correct this drift. The device is worn on the explorers arm and is powered by movement. As the wearer walks, the pendulum swings which powers the cogs and chains, which ultimately lays string along the walking route. The philosophy is aimed at preventing explorers from becoming lost and allows city inhabitants to explore the city that we have neglected. 

[Oxford Brookes University, BA Architecture, Year 3 – 2012 Semester 1]

Tutors: Dr.Sarah Stevens and David Grindley