Combo Competition

  • Honorable Mention

The Cinema

The brief: to design a cinema, located in central London. In addition the cinema, each proposal must show a unique feature, helping to serve the main purpose of the cinema.

Project response: The site is surrounded by the rich history of London yet few tourists or local inhabitants experience all that London has to offer. Too many are busily running through the streets to stop and enjoy what it has to offer. The Cinema Obscura attempts to change this. By utilising a tradition form of Cinematography, the camera obscura, the Cinema projects the daily actions of the surroundings onto the Cinema screen. The ‘films’ are therefore constantly shifting, never the same. The Cinema also houses a museum to educate visitors about the history of film. In addition it utilises the site by growing Corn in the gardens which once a year is harvested for fresh popcorn during annual film festivals. 

[Matt Sawyer, Individual Competition Entry, 2014]

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